enter en‧ter [ˈentə ǁ -ər] verb [transitive]
1. if people or goods enter a country, they arrive there:

• A lot of goods are fraudulently and illegally entering the US.

2. COMMERCE if a company enters a market, it starts selling goods or services in that market:

• The financial institution entered the Texas market last year by buying 20 failed banks.

• Konica entered the underwater camera market with a basic model costing $8.95.

3. COMMERCE PROPERTY if a possible buyer enters a market, they start looking for something to buy there:

• Property prices soared as more young people entered the housing market.

4. FINANCE if someone enters a financial market, they buy or sell something there:

• Institutional investors repeatedly entered the market to sell as share prices rallied.

5. ACCOUNTING to write something in an account book, on a list etc:

• Any deposits received in advance are entered in the cash book.

6. COMPUTING to put information into a computer by pressing the key S:

• If a command is entered incorrectly, the machine will not recognize it.

7. LAW to legally make an agreement:

• The change to the law will protect customers who enter a contract as a result of doorstep canvassing.

8. to start a particular career:

• Britain's agriculture industry could be plunged into crisis as fewer young people enter farming.

9. enter a plea of guilty/​not guilty LAW to say that you are guilty or not guilty of a crime in a court of law:

• He entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of causing death by reckless driving.

enter into something phrasal verb [transitive]
to officially make an agreement, contract etc:

• When we entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Rugby World Cup Limited, no one believed that the event would be such an outstanding success.

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enter UK US /ˈentər/ verb [T]
to begin taking part in a particular market or area of business: enter a market/business »

This ruling should make it easier for first-time buyers to enter the housing market (= to buy a property for the first time).

IT to put information into a computer: »

At the prompt, please enter a valid email address.

enter data/information (into sth) »

All information is entered into a database and analyzed for patterns.

ACCOUNTING to write information into an account book, a list, etc.: »

All customer payments must be entered into the accounts book at the time of purchase.


Before the meeting, the number of hours requested from each department is entered onto the spreadsheet opposite each project.

if people or goods enter a country or region, they arrive there: »

Legitimate visa holders should be allowed to enter and leave the country, and to apply for a renewal of their visa while still in America.


All cargo vessels entering the port are stopped and inspected.

to begin a period of time: enter an era/a phase/a cycle »

The company entered a new era today with its first pre-tax profit.


Now is not the time to buy, just as we are entering a recession.


The country's economy is entering its eighth year of uninterrupted growth.

to start working in a particular type of job, or to become a member of a particular organization: »

Now is a peak time for young people to enter the profession.

to officially make an agreement or begin a discussion with another person or organization: enter a contract/agreement/partnership »

The two companies plan to enter a joint distribution agreement to distribute the products in their respective markets.


enter discussions/talks with sb

enter the fray — Cf. enter the fray
enter a plea of guilty/not guilty — Cf. enter a plea of not guilty
enter service — Cf. enter service
enter UK US /ˈentər/ noun [U] IT
one of the set of moving parts that you press with your fingers on a computer when you have typed an instruction or want to start a new line: »

Type in the data and then press enter.

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